Quarterly Update 11, Winter 2018

Note: Clickable links have been added to some entries; they will either take you to entries here on our website or to Digital DARE, where subscription-level access may sometimes be necessary to see the full entry.

Headword Part of Speech Update Type
all anymore adj phr Revised Entry
aloose adj Revised Entry
anymore adv Revised Sense, New Sense
bluetail n New Entry
buck rabbit n New Entry
buffalo bird n Revised Sense, New Sense
butcher bird n New Entry
call v Revised Sense
call oneself v phr Revised Entry
camelback n Revised Sense
camp bird n Revised Entry
camp jay n New Entry
camp robber n Revised Entry
camp robin n New Entry
camp thief n New Entry
Canadian soldier n Revised Sense
cane chew n Revised Entry
cane chewing n New Entry
canebraker n New Entry
canecutter n Revised Entry
Cape Horn nut n Revised Entry
coveite n New Entry