bluetail n Also blue-tail(ed) rabbit chiefly eNC

marsh rabbit n 1.

1969 Field & Stream Sept 134 eNC, A cottontail has a large, white tail, but the marsh bunny’s tail is quite small and rusty blue in color. One of his nicknames is “bluetail.” 2008 in 2018 DARE File—Internet, The swampers in southeast Va and eastern NC have very dark, almost black tails, short front legs, long back legs, short ears, eyes set close together and they have webbing between the toes. . . In VA some guys call them blue tails. In NC they’re called marsh rabbits or branch rabbits. I ran 3 last week in NC and lost 3. 2009 Ibid NC, I had a couple of guys from out of state ask me to share a picture of our Bluetailed rabbits. . . Other names that I’ve heard the Bluetail called are Swamp Rabbit , Marsh Rabbit , Swamper and Mud Rabbit. 2013 Ibid eNC, I grew up on the coast of NC and have spent lots of time in swamp briar patches chasing blue tails. Ibid neNC, Maybe its just my dogs but it seems like they can smell a cotton tail better than the blue tail. it seems like it would be the other way around to me cause most of the blue tail rabbits around here are bigger. Ibid ceSC, Got a invite to go run some bluetails [swampers] in the morning.