butcher bird

butcher bird n [Prob because of its resemblance to the northern shrike n, frequently called butcher bird, and its notorious fondness for meat; cf meatbird n 1]

Canada jay n.

1875 Bee-Keeper’s Mag. 3.145 swCA, The bee-bird bears a striking resemblance to the common camp-jay or butcher-bird, and feeds altogether upon bees. 1913 Hunter-Trader-Trapper Feb 55 wWA, It was such a fine looking place for marten, on a beautiful smooth ridge, that I shot a camp-robin, or what some call butcher-birds, and we baited one trap with it. 1927 Taylor–Shaw Mammals & Birds Mt. Rainier 184 WA, The camp robbers carried off the young birds and devoured them. In some localities they are said to be called butcher birds.