all anymore

all anymore adj phr [ all adj2 + anymore of obscure origin. (The superficially similar “positive anymore” [cf anymore adv] is first attested considerably later and is semantically distinct.)] chiefly PA, IN, OH ?obs

All gone, used up; gone by, departed.

1852 Goshen Democrat (IN) 15 Dec [2]/4 (, Many of our readers have possibly thought it [=a list of property tax delinquents] rather lengthy, however, and some of those whose names have been paraded in it doubtless considered it a very dry and prolix affair indeed. Any how, its now “all anymore!” 1859 (1968) Bartlett Americanisms 5, All any more. A common expression in Pennsylvania among the illiterate to mean “all gone.” Thus a servant will say, “The potatoes is all any more.” 1866 LaGrange Std. (IN) 11 May 1/1, New Goods at Selby & Welch’s. Go early and get what you want before they are “all any more.” 1869 Lippincott’s Mag. Lit. Sci. Educ. 3.313 nNJ, The waiting-girl says to her mistress at the table, “The toast is all,” or “It is all any more.” 1881 Cowan Amer. Story-Book 130 swPA, He’s hearn tell his folks come over the mountains afore the Injuns wuz all any more. . . He calls hisself a Pennsylvania Dutchman. 1881 Steubenville Weekly Herald (OH) 8 Apr [3]/9 (, “Vell I goes to see,” and going out, Carl came back in a minute, saying, “It’s all any more, but ven I gets some you can have any.” 1919 Wilkes-Barre Times Leader (PA) 7 July 12/2, She came back and said—“The huckleberry pie is all anymore”. That proved Allentown as her former home. c1940 in 1944 ADD sePA, ‘The berries are all any more.’ . . ‘It’s all any more’ = The train has gone by.