Cape Horn nut

Cape Horn nut n seMA old-fash

An imported variety of the English walnut n.

1839 New-Bedford Mercury (MA) 6 Dec [3]/2, The subscriber has on hand . . Walnuts[,] Filberts, Cape Horn Nuts, Peanuts, Brazil Nuts [etc]. 1882 (1883) Austin Nantucket Scraps 312 (as of 1820s), Nine days we lay at anchor there [=Valparaiso]; / . . / Of apples, pears, and Cape-Horn nuts / We got a full supply. 1929 Starbuck My House 13 Nantucket, MA, I remember the delicious fragrance of Grandfather’s cellar. . . Casks of pickled limes, of cocoanuts, of Cape Horn nuts, as English walnuts were called. 1941 LANE Map 277 (Walnut shell) 1 inf, Martha’s Vineyard MA, Cape Horn nuts, larger than walnuts, with a thinner shell; 1 inf, Nantucket Island MA, Cape Horn nuts, old term, still natural.