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canebraker n Also sp canebreaker [Prob from canebrake (at brake n2 b) as a typical habitat; the sp canebreaker is perh by analogy with canecutter n] AL, GA

swamp rabbit n 1.

1922 Montgomery Times (AL) 18 Feb [2]/4, The river left small islands, where the rabbits had hidden for safe keeping, but scouting parties rowed to their resort and most of the game was killed. This is one sure way to get the large cane-breakers that thrive near the river. 1969 DARE (Qu. P30, . . Wild rabbits around here) Inf GA89, Canebraker—big. 1979 Anniston Star (AL) 3 Feb sec A 21/3, “I had to shoot twice to stop him,” said Sherman, as he lugged the big cane breaker up the trail. 2009 in 2018 DARE File GA, Those reds do look good and the cottontails and cane braker and the hunters. Looks like ya’ll had a great hunt!