canecutter n Also cane rabbit Sth, esp AL, GA, MS Cf canebraker n, Cf buck rabbit n 2

swamp rabbit n 1.

1909 U.S. Dept. Ag. Bur. Biol. Surv. N. Amer. Fauna 29.266 AL, wGA, S[ylvilagus] aquaticus, called cane-cutter in Alabama and western Georgia, has longer legs and has the reputation of being a strong runner. 1914 (1999) Jordan Where Wild Animals 192 swAL, We bought some cane cutters from Valdon Howard they are sure pretty he has got them stretched nice. 1925 Kroll Compar. Study S. Folk Speech 7 AL, MS, Cane cutter.—Immense hares that may be found in wild regions, large canebrakes, of Alabama and Mississippi. 1941 Jrl. Mammalogy 22.377 MS, Log sets took cottontail and swamp rabbits, the latter called “cane-cutters.” 1957 Monroe News–Star (LA) 15 Feb sec A 11/1, The prolific cottontail and canecutter has become a mighty popular critter, especially to the south Louisiana gunner. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. P30, . . Wild rabbits around hereAL2, AR9, 56, GA76, 77, LA8, MS6, 53, 66, SC31, 32, 34, Canecutter; MS16, Canecutter, cane rabbit—same; MS89, Cane cutter or cane buck or buck rabbit. 1969 DARE Tape GA86, In the swamps you would have buck rabbits, which was a little larger rabbit—some people call ’em canecutters. 1994 Daily Republican–Reg. (Mt. Carmel IL) 3 Feb 4/5, He is called a cane-cutter by the local old-timers because of his ability to sever the thick stalks of the canebrakes with his incisors but he is actually a swamp rabbit, the largest species of cottontail. 2017 in 2018DARE File—Internet seTN, The last place I went wabbit hunting was the lowland behind the East Ridge welcome center. Huge cane cutters in that area.