camp jay

[Note: Parts of this entry were previously at camp bird.]

camp jay n Cf camp robber n

Canada jay n.

1875 Bee-Keeper’s Mag. 3.145 swCA, The bee-bird bears a striking resemblance to the common camp-jay or butcher-bird, and feeds altogether upon bees. 1916 OR Sportsman 4.98, Loquacious Coast Jays and a family of the delightfully fluffy camp Jays, friends of the woodsman, were seen in the treetops. 1946 Hausman Eastern Birds 419, Canada Jay—Perisoreus canadensis canadensis. . . Camp Jay. 2010 in 2018 DARE File—Internet CO, You’ll skirt large rock outcroppings where you might get escorted by pesky camp jays. 2017 Ibid nwWY, Yes, the ravens, the camp jays and several other types of birds make for interesting times at certain picnic areas [at Yellowstone National Park].