jack crevalle

jack crevalle n Also jack cavalla, ~ cavalle, ~ cavallia, ~ cavally, ~ cavalyo chiefly SE coast

A crevalle n (here: Caranx hippos); rarely, another crevalle n. For other names of C. hippos see cavalla n, crevalle jack n, horse crevalle n, horse mackerel n 4, jack n1 24b(1)(a), jackfish n 2a, skipjack n 1i, toro n 2, tourist tarpon n 1, yellow mackerel n

1883 U.S. Natl. Museum Proc. 5.595 SC, Caranx chrysus is the only species of Caranx brought in much abundance to the market of Charleston, during the summer months. The name Jack-Crevalle is there applied to all species of Caranx without distinction. 1922 Miami Daily Metropolis (FL) 30 Mar 13/8, Then there are prizes for the best catches of . . jack cavalyo. 1930 Palm Beach Post (W. Palm Beach FL) 16 Feb sec 2 5/5, Palm Beach Anglers and Sports Club Fishing Contest Trophies. . . Jack Cavallia . . A. Hardy . . 31 in. 1934 Miami Herald (FL) 8 Apr 34/6, The Archibald and Wright party have caught 2 tarpon, 5 jack Cavalle, . . and 3 barracuda. 1935 Caine Game Fish 59, Caranx hippos. . . Jack Cavally . . Jack Crevalle. 1963 Stuart News (FL) 9 May [sec C 4]/3, Spotted sea trout and big mangrove snappers . . were what we caught mostly, with now and then . . a cavalla (which is now called jack crevalle). 1972 Sparano Outdoors Encycl. 377, Caranx hippos. . . Probably the best-known member of a very large family, the jack crevalle is considered a fine gamefish by some anglers but a pest by others. 1975 Newell If Nothin’ Don’t Happen 81 FL, I had a lot of fun with a shark line too, baitin’ with a jack crevalle and slashin’ it to make it bleed and them old sharks couldn’t let it alone. 1976 Anniston Star (AL) 25 July sec D 5/2, Ervin Collier is one of the rodeo’s happiest participants. He pulled in a rodeo record Jack Cavalla, a yellowish fish that weighed in at 42 pounds seven ounces. 1985 Pensacola News–Journal (FL) 17 Oct sec D 7/1, A lot of Spanish mackerel and jack crevalle are hanging around the pier. 2000 Sun Herald (Biloxi MS) 23 Dec sec C 6/5, [Caption:] Robert Brodie of Woolmarket holds a 30-pound jack crevalle he caught . . while fishing the Louisiana marsh. 2015 Key Among Swamp People 2 swAL, The thought of catching a largemouth bass or a bream or a freshwater catfish never entered our mind. It was speckled trout and redfish and tarpon and jack cavalla. 2023 FL Today (Cocoa) 4 Aug sec B 2/4, Capt. Peter Deeks . . steered clients to catches and releases of over-sized jack crevalle and tarpon early this week.