crevalle n Also sp crevallee, crevalli, crevally [Varr of cavalla n; cf Australian and New Zealand trevally, also applied to var chiefly carangid fish.]

Any of var fishes of the family Carangidae:

a = pompano n 1. SC obs

1763 in 1899 Linnean Soc. London Proc. 1898–99 32 SC, No. 8. The Crevallee. [Label affixed to a specimen sent by Alexander Garden from Charleston to Linnaeus; it is the type specimen for the species Gasterosteus carolinus, now Trachynotus carolinus.] 1857 Charleston Daily Courier (SC) 25 Feb [2]/4, Catalogue of the Paintings of the Fraser Gallery: . . 37. Still Life, Fish, Crevalli and Sheephead suspended. . . 80. Still Life, Fish, a Crevalli. 1860 Charleston Daily Courier (SC) 14 Sept 1/5, Whiting, 37 to 75 cents a string; Sheephead, 50 to 75 cents, according to size; Crevalle, 50 cents per pound. 1883 U.S. Natl. Museum Proc. 5.596 SC, Trachynotus carolinus. . . The most highly prized of the fishes of Charleston. Not brought into the market in great numbers; known universally as Crevalle, the name Pompano being seldom used.

b A fish of the genus Caranx, often spec jack crevalle n. chiefly SE coast For other names of var spp see cavalla n, goggle-eye n 1b(2), hardtail n 1, horse-eye jack n, jack crevalle n, jurel n, runner n 6, skipjack n 1i, ulua n, yellow jack n 1, yellow mackerel n

1873 Forest & Stream 1.258/1 FL, The fish known on the coast of Florida as the cavalli or crevallè, I take to be Caranx defensor, (Dekay) [=C. hippos]. 1891 Hine Indian River 117, The crevalle can be found in several varieties and is called by many names; his various aliases being crevalle, Cavalli Jack, Yellow Jack, Amber Jack, and so on. 1917 Daily Herald (Biloxi MS) 7 Sept 4/2, The prize of the trip was a 20 pound Crevalle caught by Ralph Brash. 1933 Pensacola Jrl. (FL) 12 Sept 5/2, Crevalle have been plentiful and tarpon more numerous than any previous week this season. 1946 Stilwell Hunting in TX 31, Now, while you are angling . . along the coast of Texas you will encounter one fish that those of us who know the ropes consider a prime nuisance. . . This fish is the jackfish, or crevallé, or yellowtail as he is called down on the coast of Mexico. 1947 Dalrymple Panfish 264 FL, Most of the time these fishermen take small Jack (Crevalle) of two or three pounds. 1955 St. Petersburg Times (FL) 19 Nov 11/1, The other day . . he was challenged by a crevalle jack. It was a mistake on the crevalle’s part, even if the bruiser did weigh 18 pounds. 1974 Ft. Myers News–Press (FL) 25 Oct sec C 6/2, Caranx hippos, commonly called jack crevalle are abundant all along our coast line and up the Caloosahatchee River past Fort Myers. The crevalle is a fierce, stubborn and dynamic gamefish. 2007 Island Packet (Hilton Head Is. SC) 22 Sept sec B 8/3, Just off the points and deeper drops, crevalle and black drum have shown good returns.