crevalle jack

crevalle jack n Also cavalla jack, cavalli(a) ~ chiefly FL

= jack crevalle n.

1891 Hine Indian River 117 eFL, The crevalle can be found in several varieties and is called by many names; his various aliases being crevalle, Cavalli Jack, Yellow Jack, Amber Jack, and so on. 1891 Daily Republican (Monongahela PA) 2 June [3]/5 NYC, An occasional visitor who comes to Fulton Market . . is the crevalle. It rejoices in the picturesque names of Crevalle Jack, Yellow Jack and Amber Jack. 1919 Amer. Angler (eds. Bradford et al.) 4.16 sFL, They went to Fort Myers, via the Florida straits . . . Caught some cavallia jack, ladyfish, barracuda, king and grouper, but the tarpon was scarce. 1946 La Monte N. Amer. Game Fishes 36, Common Jack Crevalle. . . Names. . . Cavalla Jack. 1955 St. Petersburg Times (FL) 19 Nov 11/1, The other day . . he was challenged by a crevalle jack. It was a mistake on the crevalle’s part, even if the bruiser did weigh 18 pounds. 1996 Ft. Myers News–Press (FL) 30 Aug sec B 5/5, Kowalyk reports a few permit and big crevalle jack around the pilings in Big Carlos Pass. 2022 Tallahassee Democrat (FL) 1 Apr sec B 8/2, [Caption:] Jon Mundinger holds up one of the several nice Crevalle Jack caught while cruising the shallows near the St Marks Lighthouse.