horse crevalle

horse crevalle n Also horse cavalli, ~ cavally chiefly SC ?obs

A crevalle n: either hardtail n 1 or jack crevalle n.

1858 Russell’s Mag. 2.324 SC, I recognized three only among the varieties found in the fish market of Havana, viz:— the cavally, the horse cavally and the mullet, as frequenting the Atlantic coast as far north as latitude 32°. 1860 Holbrook Ichthyology SC 89, The Horse Crevallé abounds along the shores of Carolina during the summer months, and is mostly found in deep water. 1887 Goode Amer. Fishes 226, Caranx hippos . . the “Horse Crevalle” of South Carolina. Ibid 228, Caranx pisquetus [=C. crysos], known about Pensacola as . . “Hard-tail”; . . in South Carolina as the “Horse Crevalle”. 1891 Amer. Angler (ed. Harris) 20.55/1 FL, On our way to the mouth of the [Sebastian] river we trolled, hauling in three horse cavalli of from four to seven pounds, and a spotted sea trout. 1972 Sparano Outdoors Encycl. 377, Jack Crevalle—Common Names: . . horse crevalle, toro. Scientific Name: Caranx hippos.