whicker n2 [Imitative] Sth, S Midl, esp VA Cf billy whicker n

A woodpecker n B1 such as the flicker n1 1 or pileated woodpecker n B; hence combs yellow whicker = flicker n1 1; ivory-billed whicker = ivory-billed woodpecker n.

1887 KY Genl. Assembly Senate Jrl. 1322, And one-half of said amounts for shots at doves, snipes, plovers, rabbits, field or meadow-larks, or whickers. 1906 Johnson Highways Missip. Valley 118 AR, With these domestic sounds was mingled . . the tapping of the “whickers” or yellow hammers, and the clatter and songs of many other birds. 1917 Wilson Bulletin 29.82 seVA, Burns records the name “wheeler” as being used in Maryland; with the prefix “yallow,” this name is used on Wallops I[slan]d, Va., where we hear also “yallow whicker.” 1968–70 DARE (Qu. Q17, . . Kinds of woodpeckers) Inf MD45, Flicker—also called yellow whicker [ˈjælə ˌwɪkɚ]; VA43, Ivory-billed whicker; (Qu. Q18, Joking names and nicknames for woodpeckers) VA43, Whicker, billy whicker [FW: prob pileated woodpecker]; VA75, Whicker—nickname for logcock or pileated woodpecker. 1970 VA Wildlife 31.22 csVA, Disregarding all of the whicker’s protest about his predicament, I took him out of the bag and to my surprise it was a yellow-shafted flicker. Immediately I asked Uncle Walter how the flicker had acquired the name of whicker. His only guess was that it was similar to the flicker’s voice.