billy whicker

billy whicker n Pronc-sp billy whickah [Cf EDD billy sb.1, used in Scots and nEngl dial names of animals, birds, and insects] VA

= whicker n2.

1904 Forest & Stream 62.62 VA, “He shootin’ at robins an’ Billy whickahs wid you’ gun. He say he des hat ter git out an’ shoot at somfin wid dat fine little gun.” “Billy whicker” is the name generally given to the yellow-hammer or flicker in Virginia. 1970 DARE (Qu. Q17, . . Kinds of woodpeckers) Inf VA43, Billy whicker [ˈhwɪkə]—big as crow; (Qu. Q18, Joking names and nicknames for woodpeckers) Inf VA38, Billy whickers; VA43, Whicker, billy whicker [FW: prob pileated woodpecker].