chalk corners

chalk corners n Also chalking corners, chalk the corner, ~ walk chiefly Nth, N Midl Cf fox and hounds n 1, hare and hound(s) n Also called arrow chase n, chalk the arrow n, chalk the rabbit n,

A chasing game in which one or more players are given a head start and leave chalk marks at intervals to show the way they have gone.

1863 Budget Fun 7 Boston MA, She is . . the brightest-eyed and merriest of all the merry little ones that play that famous game of “Chalk Corners” in and about Chestnut Street. 1888 Buffalo Courier (NY) 18 Nov 3/2, The chase is very similar to hounds and hares and “chalk the corner,” with which everyone is familiar. 1895 Brooklyn Daily Eagle (NY) 17 Mar 11/5 Philadelphia PA, Chalk the Corner. This game, which is called hare and hounds in other cities, has been advanced to the dignity of a match between two Philadelphia schools. . . There is no reason why such a healthful sport should not find favor in Brooklyn, and the substitution here of chalk on the pavement for scattering bits of paper is to be commended. 1896 Waterloo Daily Courier (IA) 6 Mar 5/1, [Letter:] In last night’s paper there was an item saying that Deputy Sheriff Smith traced chalk arrows on the sidewalk from the county jail to his home. It was supposed to be the work of tramps, but don’t be alarmed because it is only the mark of some east side school boys playing chalk corners. “Kid.” 1903 Eve. Herald (Ottawa KS) 1 Apr [5]/2, Children are playing “chalk the corner” and “sheep pen down”, at night. . . It is spring. 1904 Outing 44.278 NYC, Versions of hare and hounds, like cops and robbers, and chalk-corners, in which the scent is given by arrows marked on walls or pavements, need no description. 1923 Charleston Daily Mail (WV) 25 Nov 7/1, Housewives awaken in the morning to find mysterious “arrow” chalk marks upon their pavements. . . The neighborhood “gang” has simply been indulging itself in the old, old game of Hare and Hounds, now called “Chalkin’ Corners” by glibtongued youths. 1934 La Plata Home Press (MO) 5 Apr 5/5, At the end of the meeting the girls divided into two groups and spent the remainder of the evening playing chalk the walk. 1944 Maryville Daily Forum (MO) 8 Apr 1/4, Who hasn’t played that age old springtime game of “chalk the corner,” the game that oldsters in Maryville can remember as a bit of fun in their schooldays? It still is the favorite of students. 1953 Brewster Amer. Nonsinging Games 40 MO, Chalk the Walk. . . two groups, one to do the hiding and the other to be the hunters. Those who are to hide must make marks with chalk on sidewalks, fences, buildings, etc. to show the direction in which they are going. 1976 Des Moines Register (IA) 29 Feb sec C 9/3, Chalk arrows—Four other readers sent in variations on the same game, called “Follow the Arrow,” “Chalk the Rabbit,” and “Chalk the Corner.” In all four games, one side, equipped with pieces of chalk, would be given a five-minute head start. The other side would then follow them. The first side gave clues to their route by chalking arrows on the pavement that the other side had to find. The chase went all over town, until the first side drew a circle with four arrows pointing in different directions, or a similar mark. This signified that the chalking side had gone to ground and it was up to the following side to find them. 1996 Kinmundy Express (IL) 25 Apr 1/6 (as of 1950s), This is an opportunity to . . relive those years of innocence when our version of a street gang played “chalk the corner” until the late hour of 9 p.m.