chalk the rabbit

chalk the rabbit n Also chalk rabbit, chalk chalk the rabbit chiefly N Cent, Upper MW

= chalk corners n.

1899 Cherryvale New Era (KS) [13 Apr 3]/2, Those symbols we see on the sidewalks every morning are put there by the school boys in their game of “chalk the rabbit.” 1905 DN 3.73 nwAR, Chalk the rabbit. . . Name of a boys’ out-door game. 1924 Columbus Daily Telegram (NE) 2 July 4/3, Between 50 and 60 school kids were out for the “Chalk the rabbit” event at the high school grounds Monday night. 1927 Jrl. Amer. Folkl. 40.46 swOH, Edward Fallon frankly states that he likes “chalk chalk the rabbit best because all the other boys like it.” 1934 Cleveland Enterprise (MS) 1 Mar [2]/1, We gathered bird eggs together; we played one-and-over, chalk the rabbit, and all those interesting games and maneuvers of boyhood days with him. 1950 WELS (Outdoor games) 1 Inf, ceWI, Chalk the rabbit. 1955 Angola Herald (IN) 5 Oct 3/5, A business meeting followed after which a weiner roast was held in the back yard. The final game was chalk-rabbit. 1966 DARE File neIN, Chalk the rabbit (Follow the arrow)—a kind of chase game; nMI, Chalk the rabbit—arrows on the sidewalk, follow the trail. 1970 DARE (Qu. EE33, . . Outdoor games) Inf IL116, Chalk rabbit—old-fashioned. Kids steal chalk and make arrows on the sidewalk with it directing [others] to hidden players. 1976 Des Moines Register (IA) 29 Feb sec C 9/3, Chalk arrows—Four other readers sent in variations on the same game, called “Follow the Arrow,” “Chalk the Rabbit,” and “Chalk the Corner.” In all four games, one side, equipped with pieces of chalk, would be given a five-minute head start. The other side would then follow them. The first side gave clues to their route by chalking arrows on the pavement that the other side had to find. The chase went all over town, until the first side drew a circle with four arrows pointing in different directions, or a similar mark. This signified that the chalking side had gone to ground and it was up to the following side to find them. 1980 Marion Star (OH) 31 Aug 15/2, Back then we played many of the games I see you children playing today: hide and seek, chalk the rabbit, hide thee, pile sacks and red rover. 2000 Daily Republican–Reg. (Mt. Carmel IL) 15 Feb 3/3 (as of c1930), The kids played “chalk rabbit.”