arrow chase

arrow chase n Also arrow hunt, ~ tag

= chalk corners n; also a similar, more formally organized, game in which the participants follow a trail of chalk marks to find a hidden object or place.

1891 Jrl. Amer. Folkl. 4.223 Brooklyn NY, On a cold morning, when boys wish to play some game in order to keep warm, “arrow chase” is proposed. Sides are equally chosen, and a large boundary agreed upon. The side that starts first is provided with chalk, with which the players mark arrows upon the pavement, pointing the direction of their course. The others follow when five minutes have elapsed, tracking the pursued by the arrow-marks until all are caught. 1904 Youth’s Companion 78.309, The game I have thought of for you to play is the ‘arrow hunt.’ It was my favorite game when I was a boy. . . I am going to take a piece of chalk and mark arrows on the walk and the fence and the trees, or anything I choose as I walk along. . . I will go ahead, and in fifteen minutes you may come after me and follow wherever the arrows lead. 1917 Burlington Daily Free Press (VT) 24 Oct 9/4, The arrow chase yesterday afternoon was won by the freshman and sophomore girls. 1929 Sterling Daily Gaz. (IL) 25 Sept 3/3, Arrow tag outside followed the regular meeting and the trail led to the home of Atty. and Mrs. R. W. Besse, where games were enjoyed for an hour or two and Mrs. Besse served refreshments in honor of her son . . becoming an Eagle scout. 1931 Kossuth Co. Advance (Algona IA) 15 Jan 3/5, After the program an “arrow hunt” was held, and the juniors and seniors were led through all parts of the school and out through a window of the physics room. The article was hidden outdoors, and was found by Clarence Fouss, a senior. 1935 Battle Creek Enquirer & Eve. News (MI) 31 Mar mag sec 8/5, Mr. Chisholm disclaims any knowledge of where children get the materials for playing “arrow tag.” The records show that 200 gross of plain white chalk . . were purchased last year. 1937 (1947) Bancroft Games 59, Arrow Chase. . . is especially adapted to surroundings where a very devious chase may be given. . . Every ten feet the runners must chalk a small arrow somewhere along their path. . . The runners will use all possible finesse in making it difficult to find their arrows. 1938 Billings Gaz. (MT) 26 Nov 10/3, The first event on the program will be an “arrow chase” or treasure hunt, to be held December 3. The event will take place out-of-doors if the weather permits, with the three Girl Reserve clubs participating. 1951 Madisonville Messenger (KY) 12 Sept 5/4, The intermediate department of the Methodist Sunday school enjoyed an arrow chase on Saturday evening. The chase started at the church and followed a round-about way to the park, where the guests enjoyed refreshments, songs and story-telling. 1963 Ironwood Daily–Globe (MI) 4 Feb 8/4, The cold weather did not dampen the spirit of the 4-H’ers as they participated in such active sports as skiing, snowshoeing and foot races, log sawing, tug of war, saucering and arrow chase. 1969 DARE (Qu. EE33, Outdoor Games) Infs AL26, DC2, Arrow hunt. 1980 Sun (San Bernardino CA) 15 Nov sec C 3/3, First Presbyterian. . . Senior high will meet at 4 p.m. for “Arrow Tag.”