logging wheels

logging wheels n pl scattered, but esp MI hist

= timber wheels n pl.

1879 Inter Ocean (Chicago IL) 20 Sept 8/6, In the northeast corner of the hall is exhibited an immense pair of J. N. Broadfoot’s logging wheels from Traverse City, Mich. . . The wheels are on a patent axle, furnished with iron thimbles, and are very durable, economical, and capable of bearing a very heavy strain. 1885 Boston Daily Globe (MA) 24 Sept 6/7, [Advt:] The property to be sold consists in part of ox farm wagon, 1 pair logging wheels [etc]. 1905 U.S. Forest Serv. Bulletin 61.42 [Logging terms], Logging wheels. A pair of wheels, usually about 10 feet in diameter, for transporting logs. . . Syn.: big wheels, katydid, timber wheels. 1908 Eve. Rec. (Traverse City MI) 2 June 4/5, Traverse City lodge No. 323 will be conspicuous in the big parade . . , this city being represented by a pair of great logging wheels which were familiar years ago about the great saw mills but are now becoming obsolete. 1925 NV State Jrl. (Reno) 19 Aug 6/6 neCA, [Advt:] For Sale—Surplus Logging Equipment. . . 2 Sets 10-Ft. Logging Wheels. 1939 Escanaba Daily Press (MI) 8 Sept 7/4, The Sheldon Lumber company, operating north of Emerson has finally given up the use of the old-fashioned big logging wheels. . . The big wheels which are more or less a relic of the old pine logging days, have been used by the Sheldon company to take out hard-wood logs until recently. 1959 AZ Republic (Phoenix) 8 Oct 14/2, [Caption:] Candidates for queen of the 1959 homecoming at Arizona State College, Flagstaff, pose on the huge logging wheels that are part of the traditional parade. [1968 DARE (Qu. N41b, Horse-drawn vehicles to carry heavy loads) Inf MI97, Lumber wagon with logging wheels.] 1981 Daily Press (Escanaba MI) 12 Oct 4/5, Mother Nature has taken down the great logging wheels which once were used to haul logs slung beneath their axle. . . They’re lying in the weeds, tumbled one over the other atop the tongue that pulled them.