log cart

log cart n Also log carrier, logging cart scattered, but esp Sth See Map

= timber wheels n pl.

1819 Amer. & Commercial Daily Advt. (Baltimore MD) 4 Dec [4]/2 seLA, [Advt:] 1 log Cart, new. 1842 Hampshire Gaz. (Northampton MA) 12 Apr [3]/4, [Advt:] A Log Cart, 6 feet wheels, Iron Axletree. 1865 Jackson Daily Citizen (MI) 16 Oct [2]/2, H. B. Fuller . . while endeavoring to load a log upon a log cart, received a blow upon the top of his head, from the lever of the windlass used, which fractured his skull. 1871 GA Weekly Telegraph & GA Jrl. (Macon) 22 Aug [6]/4, Noah McGinnis, in Sugar Valley, was runover by a log cart last week and was seriously, probably fatally, injured. 1907 Robesonian (Lumberton NC) 4 Apr 4/6, [Advt:] One log-cart, nine feet high, 6-inch tire, with fender on wheels. Up-to-date log-cart in all respects. 1913 Bryant Logging 180, Log Carts.—In all types of carts the logs are swung beneath the wheels with the rear ends dragging on the ground. The height of wheels ranges from 5 to 10 feet with a corresponding variation in gauge. 1916 State (Columbia SC) 12 Nov [7]/2, [Advt:] Wanted—One log cart, seven foot wheels, six or eight inch arched axle. 1918 Times–Picayune (New Orleans LA) 29 Nov 14/3, [Advt:] Wanted—First-class blacksmith and wheel-wright for log camp shop, who understands repairing log carts, wagons, making skidding tongs and doing general log camp shop work. 1945 Titusville Herald (PA) 1 Nov 9/2, [Advt:] For Sale—Or trade, bay team, harness, log cart, chains and grabes [sic for grabs]. 1966–70 DARE (Qu. N41b, Horse-drawn vehicles to carry heavy loads) Infs NJ1, NC6, 49, Log cart; SC31, Logging cart—two wheels; SC57, Log cart—two big wheels (only) with bowed axle, let small end of log drag behind; VA78, Log cart—just for logs; MD36, Log carrier—two big wheels, log was wound up by rope underneath, hauled beneath wagon. 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance, 1 inf, csAL, Log cart—pulled by oxen; 1 inf, swGA, Baby-doll log cart—pulled by oxen, [used for] hauling logs. [LAGS Ed queries]