carry-log n Pronc-sp cal-log Sth hist Cf carry v B3

1 = timber wheels n pl.

1775 VA Gaz. (Williamsburg) (eds. Purdie–Dixon) 17 June [3]/2, [Advt:] Also . . two Carts, a Carrylog, a Timber Carriage, ten valuable Draught Oxen, a House Frame, and some Plank. 1781 in 1875 VA Calendar State Papers 1.569, [He] is in want of waggons and a carry-log. 1822 NY Eve. Post (NY) 30 Jan [2]/5 neGA, Mr. Parkes attempted to chastise the fellow . . for having, as he supposed, cut the axle of a carry log. 1848 Spirit of Times 18.433/1 cAL, I was drivin’ ’long, settin’ straddle of a stock on my carry-log, when I sorter druv over a little stump, and the durned log come unfastened. 1862 NY Daily Tribune (NY) 27 Feb 8/5, The only carry-log we could obtain broke in attempting to transport the first gun. 1889 Daily Picayune (New Orleans LA) 7 Dec 1/2 seMS, Mr. Jack Lizanner was killed yesterday by a carry log near the kiln, fifteen miles from Bay St. Louis. 1892 Smith Farm & Fireside 55 nwGA, A ride on the carrylog tongue would suit me pretty well. 1899 (1912) Green VA Folk-Speech 106, Carry-log. . . A set of very tall wheels for carrying timber. 1946 PADS 6.8 eNC, Cal-log [ˈkæˈlɑg]. . . Carry-log, a log carrier. A cart with wheels eight or more feet high used for hauling timber logs. 1956 Daily Herald (Biloxi MS) 5 Nov [4]/7 (, During the boom lumber days along the Gulf Coast before machinery replaced mules and muscle the “carry-log” was thoroughly respected and continued in use until the log truck was invented.

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