buckeye shiner

buckeye shiner n Also buckeye chiefly c, cwNY

A shiner n 1 (here: Notropis atherinoides).

1907 NY Forest Fish & Game Comm. Annual Rept. 12.84, A little later on it may be feasible to plant the buckeye shiner (Notropis atherinoides) from Oneida lake, a favorite bait fish for black bass, pike-perch and other game species. 1931 Olean Eve. Times (NY) 20 June 8/5, The club also placed fish in waters of adjoining counties, where members do some fishing. They were distributed as follows: Buckeye shiners in Cuba Lake as food for other fish, 5,000 [etc]. 1955 Syracuse Herald–Jrl. (NY) 9 July 3/8, [Advt:] Going Fishing? We have buckeyes and Minnows for Pike. 1966 Ibid 13 Apr 59/1, Using minnows, (buckeyes) your best bet is with a harness or the double hook rig where the bait is threaded on a wire. 2014 Post–Std. (Syracuse NY) 27 Mar sec B 6/1, Oneida Lake. . . The fish are moving in close this time of year and they are aggressive. Best baits are spikes and emerald shiners (buckeye shiners). 2016 DARE File—Internet cnNY, [Advt:] We carry a variety of bait (depending on the season) including: . . Buckeyes—Great For: Walleye[,] Perch.