blackberry weather

blackberry weather n Sth, S Midl

= blackberry winter n.

1906 Washington Democrat (IN) 9 May [4]/4 (, We have had enough “blackberry weather” within the last few days to insure a record-breaking crop of berries. 1930 Moberly Monitor–Index & Moberly Eve. Democrat (MO) 14 May 2/6, The present cool spell is attributed to what is called “Blackberry Weather.” The weather bureaus say that as a rule there are three cool waves during the month of May, the “Blackberry” wave being the last. Old timers designated the cold May weather as “Blackberry Weather” bcomes [sic] it seemed to come during the period when blackberries were in bloom. 1953 Denton Rec.–Chron. (TX) 14 Apr 8/1, Monday morning’s near-freezing temperatures and light frost made it typical “blackberry weather.” . . “Whenever the blackberries bloom, you can expect freezing weather a day or so later,” commented Pappy Wainscott, of our Shady Shores friends. 1960 Chillicothe Constitution–Tribune (MO) 25 June 6/7, With temperatures on the cool side, there is no doubt that this is blackberry weather time. The blackberries are not ripe yet, however, and probably won’t be until after July 4. 1967 DARE (QR p13) Inf AL21, Blackberry weather—a cold spell after Easter.