bizmaroon n, also attrib Also bismaroon [Prob imitative] WI Cf DS P22

A bullfrog n 1.

1950 WELS (A very large frog that makes a deep, loud sound) 1 Inf, ceWI, Bismaroon; 1 Inf, cwWI, Bizmaroon—FW: Inf has heard or read of, not used around here. 1950 WELS Suppl., 2 Infs, WI, Bismaroon—a bull frog; 1 Inf, csWI, Bismaroon—large frog; “an old Frenchman called at Joe’s parents at Green Bay selling bismaroon legs;” 1 Inf, seWI, Bizmaroon—a bull frog, used 40 years ago in Chippewa Co. 1953 New Yorker 11 Apr 91 ceWI, In Oconto . . a bullfrog is called a “bismaroon”—for what reason I have never been able to discover.