bird’s nest on the ground

bird’s nest on the ground n Also bird nest on the ground esp TX

Something that offers advantage with little effort or risk; an easy mark, lucky find, “good thing.”

1937 (1993) Anderson Thieves 11 TX, “I cased that bank in Zelton four times,” T-Dub said. “It was a bird’s nest on the ground, but every time something came up.” 1948 Austin Amer. (TX) 8 Oct 25/3, [Advt:] Bird’s Nest—A bargain buy in real estate is often referred to as a bird’s nest on the ground. This $7,500 home deserves the title. 1963 Wichita Falls Times (TX) 3 Mar sec C 15/7, [Advt:] Another Mundy Bird Nest On The Ground In A Beautiful Bare Root Shade Tree 8 to 9 ft. Tall. 1967 TX Observer (Austin) 7 July 6/1, Three birdnests on the ground, as they say when the same man owns the land and mineral rights and the operating and production of the wells. 1974 Daily Times–News (Burlington NC) 5 Apr sec B 12/7, [Advt:] “Bird Nest on the Ground. . .” Darling 3 bed. brick features carpeting, cozy kitchen-dining. 1988 Kerrville Mt. Sun (TX) 13 Feb 4/1, [Letter:] The only way to save our country is to vote these clowns out of office. They have a bird nest on the ground, so, why would they ever change the rules voluntarily? 1994 DARE File TX, The phrase “bird’s nest on the ground” . . means something is very easy, not a challenge. 1996 Daily Times (Farmington NM) 8 May sec B 9/1, It’s a bird nest on the ground. . . Capt. John Pearson said the phrase simply means that the assignment is one everybody wants. 2006 DARE File eTX [Black], In black East Texas, the saying is: “has got a bird’s nest on the ground.” It’s one of my mother’s most annoying sayings, inasmuch as she never fails to credit it to her father, “As Daddy used to say, ‘You’ve got a bird’s nest on the ground.’ ”