bind n Pronc-sp bine chiefly S Midl, TX old-fash

A sheaf or shock.

1864 in 2009 Montgomery–Ellis Corpus Amer. Civil War Letters neTN, The soldiers tuck about 70 bushels of corn & fifty bushels of wheat & 200 pounds of bacon & 600 bines of fodder. 1886 Galveston Daily News (TX) 3 June 5/5, Travis County. . . The oat crop is fine. Mr. Swain harvested, on less than four acres, 360 dozen large binds of oats. 1898 Dallas Morning News (TX) 31 Jan 1/3, R. H. Johnson’s barn with 350 bushels of corn, 1500 binds of fodder and sheaf oats, burned last night about 11 o’clock. 1902 DN 2.229 sIL, Bind. . . Sheaf, as:—‘A bind of wheat.’ 1903 DN 2.306 seMO, Bind. . . Sheaf. 1906 DN 3.126 nwAR, Bind, bundle. . . Sheaf. 1911 Cullman Democrat (AL) 25 May 1/6, James Burrow, lost 90 binds of fodder, some corn and cotton seed. 1932 Abilene Morning Reporter–News (TX) 19 June 14/5, [Advt:] For Sale—Several thousand binds of good oats. 1936 Middlesboro Daily News (KY) 3 Oct 1/5 swVA, While cutting corn, Wentz Carter, picked up what he thought was a dark-colored stalk of corn and started to tie a bind of corn when suddenly the “stalk” began wiggling in his hand. 1939 LANE Map 126 (Sheaf; shock) 1 inf, neMA, A bundle of wheat; a bind of corn. 1967–70 DARE (Qu. L30a, When grain is cut it is (or used to be) tied up in _____) Infs IA33, IL66, OK53, Binds. 1968 DARE FW Addit seKY, A local for-sale ad: “for sale, three hundred binds of blade-fodder.” 1973 Allen LAUM 1.274, The name for a tied bundle of cereal grain, as of wheat or oats. . . Relic bind is the form checked by one Iowan . . and by 2 North Dakotans.