basket worm

basket worm n [From the silk case it spins]

= bagworm n.

1853 Horticulturist & Jrl. Rural Art 3.463, The caterpillars, which, together with their cocoons, you sent to me, with the information that they were very destructive to the Arbor Vitæ, Cedar, and other resinous plants in Tennessee, are the drop-worms, or basket-worms. 1884 (1885) McCook Tenants 379 PA, Something about these basket-worms. . . The large arbor vitae tree in the back yard has been badly infested by them; the whole top was stripped of leaves, and the cone-shaped baskets were pendant from every branch. 1921 Daily Ardmoreite (Ardmore OK) 27 Feb 16/6, The bag or basket worms (thyridoptery ephemareaformis) seems [sic] to be the most abundant, and possibly causing the most injury to shade trees in Ardmore. 1949 Hamilton Daily News Jrl. (OH) 11 Aug 22/4, This is the first year I have had any experience with bag or basket worms. 1957 Telegraph–Herald (Dubuque IA) 1 Apr 9/1, [Advt:] Band your trees against canker and basket worms.