rubber shooter

rubber shooter n Cf bean-shooter n, gravel-shooter n, gum shooter n, nigger-shooter n, rubber flipper n, rubber snapper n

A slingshot.

1871 Daily Leader (Bloomington IL) 27 Oct [7]/1 (, Quincy policemen have been directed to arrest all boys using “rubber shooters,” throwing stones, etc., on the streets. 1888 St. Albans Daily Messenger (VT) 22 Sept [4]/3, The rubber shooters ought “to go.” This remark is called out by the fact that no less than 15 panes of glass have been broken or cracked in the stained glass windows of St. Peter’s church since last Friday. 1901 Hoosier Democrat & Clark Co. Rec. (Charlestown IN) 21 June 1/2, There still remains that pesky little wood and rubber nuisance commonly know[n] as “rubber shooter’[] or “gumbo shooter,” or still more commonly by the old-fashioned name, “nigger shooter.” 1929 Newark Advocate & Amer. Tribune (OH) 13 Nov 19/6, Mr. Belmar armed himself with a rubber shooter, using large-sized pebbles for ammunition, shot three times and hit a snake each time. 1960 Ibid 30 July 14/7, A rubber shooter, fashioned of a forked twig of just the right size . . becomes a cherished possession. 1971 San Antonio Express–News (TX) 11 Apr sec A 3/1, Hauck also said heroin was smuggled into the jail by persons on the street using rubber shooters to shoot foil packets of the drug to the roof. 1997 Sitton–Utley From Can See 128 TX, African-Americans specialized in similar no-gun methods. . . Grover Williams often hunted rabbits and blackbirds with a “rubber shooter” slingshot using heavy-duty ammunition of “steelie” fragments made from old cook-stove lids.