rubber flipper

rubber flipper n Also rubber flip Cf bean-flipper n, flipper n1 3, nigger-flipper, rubber shooter n, rubber snapper n

A slingshot.

1885 Kokomo Gaz. Tribune (IN) 28 Apr 1/2, We are glad to note that the city council has taken action on the “flipper” nuisance. . . The birds that should be greeted with a cordial welcome among our city shade trees are unmercifully slaughtered by these rubber “flippers.” 1890 Macon Telegraph (GA) 14 Feb 5/2, Two small boys marched along Walnut street yesterday, shooting into houses with a rubber “flip.” A stray bullet entered Mr. I. N. Erwin’s house and came near hitting one of his children. 1920 ID Daily Statesman (Boise) 2 Feb 8/1, Howard Talkington lost the sight of one eye from the careless use of a rubber flipper in the hands of a playmate last week. 1930 Circleville Herald (OH) 22 Mar 6/3, An artist would portray him as a little boy with a rubber “flip” blow-gun, and with a swaggering somewhat pidgeon toed walk. 1942 Daily Independent (Kannapolis NC) 13 Aug 3/4, I still claim kin with George Washington, who used to knock mosquitos out of his dad’s cherry tree with a rubber flipper. 1956 Daily Herald (Provo UT) 31 Aug sec A 3/8, It shall be unlawful for any minor to possess or have in his or her possession . . any kind of air gun, rubber flipper, or bow and arrow or “nigger shooter,” or other instrument designed to throw missiles.