gravel-flipper n chiefly S Midl Cf bean-flipper n, flipper n1 3, flipper crotch n, gravel-shooter n, nigger-flipper n, rubber flipper n

A slingshot.

1870 New Albany Daily Ledger (IN) 7 Dec [2]/3 (, There is great complaint among property holders of a large number of boys who go about the streets with “bean shooters” and “gravel flippers,” which they use with destructive effect upon the windows of residences and public buildings. 1879 Rockingham Reg. (Harrisonburg VA) 11 Sept [3]/2 (, A man may practice law, . . and be a most honorable and influencial [sic] citizen, but this does not fit him to handle skillfully a “gravel flipper.” This was proven very conclusively in Harrisonburg the other day. 1966 Kingsport Times (TN) 19 Aug sec C 7/7, Kinkead is the fellow who killed his buck the first day of the season last year with a gravel flipper. He shot the buck in the rear with a gravel and [it] ran head on into a tree and killed itself. 1976 Garber Mountain-ese 36 Appalachians, Gravel-flipper . . slingshot—Jamie kilt a catbird with his new homade gravel flipper. 2013 in 2015 DARE File—Internet eTN, Why not use a gravel flipper[?] 2015 DARE File—Internet swVA, Both fly fish and Izetta hand ties their flies. . . Both make gravel flippers (slingshots).