biggity adv

biggity adv Also sp bigety, biggidy, bigoty

In a biggity adj manner.

1880 (1881) Harris Uncle Remus Songs 112 GA [Black], Well, den, . . dey got ter runnin’ on talkin’ mighty biggity. Brer Rabbit, he say he de swiffes’. 1881 Harris in Scribner’s Mth. 22.445 GA [Black], Dey kin walk biggity en dey kin talk biggity, en, mo’n dat, dey kin feel biggity, but yit all de same deyer gwineter git kotch up wid. 1927 Kennedy Gritny 52 sLA [Black], You gotta study yo’ lesson a heap mo’, befo’ you go ’roun’ hyuh preachin’ to people so biggidy. 1937 in 1972 Amer. Slave 14.367 NC [Black], Dey wuz one Yankee in dis las’ bunch dat wuz big an’ bustin’. He strut bigoty wid his chist stuck out. 1945 in 2016 (acc) Lexis–Nexis Legal Research State Case Law: GA (Internet) cGA, I didn’t notice anything about him whether he was drinking or not. He was just talking bigety and that made him act unusual.