biggity adj

biggity adj Also sp biget(t)y, biggaty, biggedy, biggety, biggidy, biggoty, bigit(t)y, bigot(t)y [Engl dial (EDD bigotty adj. “Bumptious, overbearing, self-willed”) < bigot + -y suff1 1; the sense has prob been affected by assoc with big. The adj bigoted is also occas attested with a similar shift of sense; cf EDD bigoted “Stupid, self-willed (without reference to any religious intolerance)” and quot 1902 below.] chiefly Sth, S Midl See Map Cf biggity adv, briggity adj

Exhibiting a sense of superiority or self-importance; arrogant, insolent, “uppity”; hence n biggitiness.

1880 (1881) Harris Uncle Remus Songs 116 GA [Black], Dey er mighty biggity, dem house niggers is, but I notices dat dey don’t let nuthin’ pass. 1884 Smith Bill Arp’s Scrap Book 79 nwGA, The modern boy is entirely too bigity. 1895 DN 1.384 SC, Biggity: proud. 1899 Davis Wire Cutters 85 wTX,I don’t see what call Sister Calline Crouch has to be so biggaty. . . One room on top of another ain’t no better than one room behint another, as I can see. 1902 DN 2.229 sIL, Bigoted or bigoty. . . Conceited; proud; haughty. 1903 DN 2.306 seMO, Bigotty. . . Conceited. 1905 DN 3.70 nwAR, Bigotty. . . Haughty. ‘She don’t need to be so bigotty, I’m as good as she is.’ . . Common. 1906 DN 3.115 sIN, Bigotty. . . Conceited, haughty. 1918 DN 5.18 NC, Biggety, proud, vain. 1926 AmSp 1.410 Okefenokee, He ’uz mad. He walked jest like a billy goat (you’ve seen ’em when they’re mad—feel bigitty). 1927 Kennedy Gritny 88 sLA [Black], The first of these [=purposes], interpreted by many of his unsympathetic friends as a sort of unseemly arrogance, which they called his “biggidy ways,” won for him the name of “w’ite-folks nigger.” 1933 Rawlings South Moon 81 FL, You’d better not go to gittin’ biggety nor lookin’ for a fuss. 1941 Justus Cabin on Kettle Creek 4 KY, TN, An outlander teacher with a lot o’ bigetty ways. 1943 Writers’ Program NC Bundle of Troubles 25, And biggoty—he [=Mr. Bullfrog] was ’bout the biggotiest and high-steppinest critter I ever seed—and seem like all he think ’bout was his fine clothes. 1944 PADS 2.54 MO, VA, NC, SC, TN, Biggety. 1945 FWP Lay My Burden Down 252 AR [Black], They went to the Freedmen’s Bureau and told how he beat me and what he done it for—biggitiness. He was a biggity-acting and braggy-talking old man. 1948 Faulkner Intruder 19 MS, You goddamn biggity stiffnecked stinking burrheaded Edmonds sonofabitch. 1952 Brown NC Folkl. 1.520, Biggity, biggedy, bigety, biggoty. . . Self-important.—General. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. GG19a, When . . a person acts . . important or independent: “He surely is _____these days.”) 14 Infs, chiefly Sth, S Midl, Biggity; (Qu. HH8, A person who likes to brag) Infs SC10, 11, Biggity; (Qu. HH35, A woman who puts on a lot of airs: “She’s too _____for me.”) Infs GA74, KY26, NJ15, VA15, Biggity; (Qu. II23, . . People who are, or think they are, the best society of a community) Infs FL48, KY44, 85, Biggity; (Qu. II36b, If somebody who talks back or gives rude answers you might say, “She certainly is _____!”) Inf FL52, Biggity; (Qu. U37, . . Expressions about somebody who has plenty of money) Inf NC85, Biggety. 1974 Bee (Danville VA) 10 Oct sec B 1/4, Her answer was “No, but I’m sure that I can,” and she adds with a throaty chuckle, “I was biggety, you know.” 1994 in 2016 (acc) Lexis–Nexis Legal Research State Case Law: LA (Internet), Plaintiff himself admitted that he had been verbally disciplined because a “customer was complaining against [him]” for getting “biggity.” 2015 in 2016 DARE File—Internet csLA, I thought that everyone in a highschool band would be biggity and cocky towards freshman. It wasn’t the case though.