crazy wheel

crazy wheel n, also attrib

1 A wheel (on an agricultural implement) that is tilted to one side.

1881 Winfield Courier (KS) 1 Dec [3]/5, [Advt:] Hapgood Sulky Plow. . . It has no crazy wheels or cut out hub-centers, and is praised by all parties except agents who have other plows to sell. 1882 Champaign Co. Gaz. (Champaign IL) 11 Oct 8/5, [Advt:] The Casaday . . . is the only plow made that has no landside whatever. The furrow wheel being set at an angle varying according to the depth plowed, makes a “rolling landside.” . . This furrow or “crazy” wheel, as many call it, also regulates the width of the furrow. 1907 Weekly Intelligencer (Mexico MO) 4 Apr 4/5, [Advt:] We have in the Best Ever Gang, what we honestly think to be the best gang plow made. Its adjustable crazy wheel, easy lifting device and light running qualities, make it an ideal riding plow. 1919 Eve. Times–Republican (Marshalltown IA) 20 Dec 12/5, [Advt:] Crazy-wheel Hays planter, new. 2013 Gazette (Cedar Rapids IA) 2 June sec E 10/6, [Advt:] Hayes “Crazy Wheel” 2 Row horse drawn planter—by Hayes Pump & Planter Co—Galva IL—restored.

2 A caster or swivel wheel. esp W Midl, West Cf crazy rake n, crazy dray n

1883 Champaign Co. Herald (Champaign IL) 3 Oct 5/5, [Advt:] A Grain Drill with no weight on the horses’ necks. The new Buckeye with independent runners is provided with a “crazy wheel” in front which carries all weight in front. 1893 Osborne Co. Farmer (Osborne KS) 15 Jun [8]/5, The chairs are large, easy rattan chairs running on two large ball bearing wheels and two little crazy wheels for ease in guiding. 1922 Democratic Advocate (Westminster MD) 20 Jan 5/4, [Advt:] 1 crazy wheel for binder tongue. 1939 Kokomo Tribune Kokomo Dispatch (IN) 28 Feb 10/2, [Advt:] Crazy wheel trailer. 1956 Jrl. Animal Sci. 15.436 WA, A jack with crazy wheels . . was constructed so that the stall can be moved or arranged, loaded or empty, without the aid of a tractor. 1961 Salt Lake Tribune (UT) 7 May sec C 1/1, A “trailer trunk” on “crazy wheels” also is being produced by Stokermatic. Crazy wheels are wheels which may move in any direction. The wheels are designed to eliminate the complicated steering and backing common to car trailers. 1980 Madison Co. Rec. (Huntsville AR) 1 May 14/1, [Advt:] MF Crazy-wheel hay rake. 1990 News–Leader (Springfield MO) 11 Mar sec E 22/7, [Advt:] ½ of double Crazy Wheel Rake. 2010 in 2022 DARE File—Internet ID, Does anyone have some pics of a crazy wheel mounted on a skid steer that they could post? . . Crazy wheel is what some Beeks [=beekeepers] call the fifth wheel mounted on a skid steer loader for stability. 2013 Messenger–Inquirer (Owensboro KY) 20 Oct sec E 7/5, [Advt:] Crazy wheel hay rake. 2019 in 2022 DARE File—Internet ID, Single Crazy Wheel Trailer. . . 7′ 5″ L x 8′ W single rear crazy wheel.