crazy rake

crazy rake n Also crazy buck rake [Abbrs for crazy-wheel (buck) rake; cf crazy wheel n 2] Cf crazy dray n

A hay rake supported on caster or swivel wheels.

1959 Billings Gaz. (MT) 22 Feb 23/2, [Advt:] 1—crazy buck rake. 1986 Klinkenborg Making Hay 118 wMT, Deep into the irrigated bench, the buckrakes and wheelrakes and crazyrakes circle, . . the crazyrakes provident in corners and odd angles where the slippery grass escapes. 1988 Country Today (Eau Claire WI) 1 June sec C 7/3, [Advt:] Super Savings on Excellent Used Equipment. . . Deutz KV 250 Crazy Rake.