Note: This entry was previously bandudelums.

bendudelums n pl Also bandoodilums, bandudelums [Evidently a fanciful expansion of bender n 1; cf bend doughnut n, bendo(e) n, bendy-bow n] RI

Broken or yielding ice; hence v phr run bendudelums to run across such ice as a sport.

1957 Newport Daily News (RI) 8 Feb 8/7 (as of c1907), In the winter, when the ice was thin between Long Wharf and the Newport Yacht Club, those who dared run across it, with the ice quaking under their feet, were said to be running “bandadudeums.” Ibid 15 Feb 6/7, We thought it was “bandadudeums.” He feels sure it was “bandoodilums,” and, on second thought, we are inclined to agree with him. 1968 DARE File seRI, Bandudelums [ˌbænˈdu:dələmz], also bendudelums—I use to use that word 45 years ago and use to run bandudelums near shore where they would touch bottom—also I tried to push one down under the next one with a stick. 1969 DARE (Qu. B35, Ice that will bend when you step on it, but not break) Inf RI1Aux, The ice has bendudelums.