bend doughnut

bend doughnut n Also ben doughnut, bendy ~ [Evidently a fanciful expansion of bender n 1; cf bendo(e) n, bendudelums n pl, bendy-bow n] sNEng

= bender n 1; hence v phr run bend doughnuts.

1901 Little Folks 4.161, As it grew near spring the ice got thinner on the little pond-holes where we were allowed to go skating and sliding. Sometimes it got limber and bent up and down in a very exciting fashion when we ran over it—we called it “ben-doughnuts,” and liked to try running over it just as long is it would bear. 1943 LANE Map 575, Sliding on thin ice. . . 1 inf, seRI, To run [ˈbɛn ˈdonəts]; 1 inf, seMA, Run [ˈbɛn ˈdonəts]; 1 inf, seMA, Having [ˈbɛn ˈdonəts]. 1969 DARE (Qu. B35, Ice that will bend when you step on it, but not break) Infs MA74, RI3, 18, Bendy doughnuts; CT25, RI15, Bend doughnuts.