ragweed worm

ragweed worm n Also called bloodweed worm n, bullweed worm n, horseweed worm n, weed worm n a

An insect larva, usu that of a Noctuid moth, found in stalks of giant ragweed n and related plants, and often used as bait.

1954 Birmingham News (AL) 18 July sec C 6/8, Jim Dawson and Dr. N. G. Hubbert got a hefty string of bream at Lake Purdy a few days ago using ragweed worms. 1958 Ibid 13 July sec C 8/3, The ragweed worm is found in the stems of the plants at this time of year and it[]s a real bream killer. This worm is the larva of one of the Owlet Moths and they are exteremely [sic] tough. 1962 Chattanooga Daily Times (TN) 21 Aug 13/2, But the chief sport at City Lake is . . fishing for the big bream that live deep in its clear waters. Best bait is “bull” or ragweed worms. 1968 DARE (Qu. P6, . . Kinds of worms . . used for bait) Inf OH82, Ragweed worm, in a knob in a ragweed. 2012 in 2020 DARE File—Internet cIN, Ragweed about 5-6 feet tall usually has “bumps” in it; look for the holes in the stems. Cut the Ragweed and split it to find grubs/worms/larvae, usually about 3” above the holes. . . Bluegills fight each other to chomp that bait! . . Use the ragweed worms and you will catch all you want.