bullweed worm

bullweed worm n [ bullweed n 1] esp TN

= ragweed worm n.

1959 Decatur Daily (AL) 16 Aug sec A 11/3, Ever hear of bullweed worms? These are grubs that burrow in the pith of giant ragweeds, called bullweeds locally. They are fine bait, especially for bream. 1962 Nashville Tennessean (TN) 26 Aug sec E 4/6, Fishing a “bullweed worm” in the waters of Crossville City Lake, Andrews hooked a 2 pound, 1 ounce beauty. 2012 in 2020 DARE File—Internet TN, I dont know if yall have bullweeds up younder, but we have lots of them and theirs a worm that lives inside of them, the worms aint big as nothing but if a fish dont hit that bullweed worm you might as well pack up and go somewhere else cause they aint going to hit nothing. they way you can tell if theirs a worm in the bullweed you look at the stalk and see if theres a rotten place in it, if there is cut about the rotten spot and below it, then split it down the middle and there be a little worm laying there.