clip and clear

clip and clear adv phr Also clip and clear-board [Partial calque of low Ger dial klip un klar, klapp un klar all ready, completely done. The expression was borrowed into std Ger in the nineteenth century, but in a somewhat different meaning (“very plain, crystal clear”) that is not generally reflected in the US exx; see, however, quot 1900 below for an appar idiolectal exception.] esp MD obs Cf clip and clean adv phr

Completely, entirely; “free and clear.”

1818 Richmond Commercial Compiler (VA) 11 Dec [2]/3, Succeed in one thing—attract the attention of every lady in the store—and retire under the vivid flashes from half a score of heart-piercing eyes—clip and clear—who but I! 1833 United States’ Telegraph (Washington DC) 30 Oct 2/2 WV, As to the proclamation, I have a great many new facts to publish about it. The “original draft” can be in my hand, you know, and as Livingston is four thousand miles distant, he must be made the scape-goat. Leave that to me—I’ll make the Virginia resolutions out of it, clip and clear-board. 1835 Otter History My Own Times 282 MD, As I then thought I went clip and clear, but in ten years I learned better than all that. 1877 Schley Amer. Partridge 117 MD, When a Partridge rises and flies off he fires in a hurry, without taking aim, of course he misses clip and clear. 1894 News (Frederick MD) 9 Aug [4]/2, Sis . . whilst cutting hay for horse feed with a hatchet, left handed, got her right hand too near and cut the end off the middle finger clip and clear. [1900 Daily People (NY NY) 5 Nov 4/6, I care nothing about these fine distinctions. I say, clip and clear: “Smash the Trust!” [DARE Ed.: This and similar exx from the same newspaper, otherwise unparalleled, prob reflect the usage of its editor, Daniel De Leon, who grew up in Curaçao, and lived in Germany and the Netherlands before emigrating to the US.]]