carry-in dinner

[Note: This entry was previously carry-in.]

carry-in dinner n Also carry-in (supper, meal, etc) chiefly MO, IL, IN, MI, OH See Map and Map Section Cf pitch-in dinner n

= potluck meal n.

1917 Muncie Sun. Star (IN) 17 June sec 2 9/7, A shower and carry-in supper was given in honor of Mrs. Arthur Jackson at her home on North High street. 1928 Argos Reflector (IN) 11 Oct 6/5, The Monday Club began its 1928-29 year with an all day meeting and “carry-in” dinner at the cozy country home of the new president. 1931 Indianapolis Sun. Star (IN) 4 Oct 32/2, The Portland Business and Professional Women’s Club held a carry-in dinner at the home of Miss Lulu Milligan Wednesday. 1944 Battle Creek Enquirer & News (MI) 3 Nov 6/4, The Christian Home Council of the Seventh-day Adventists tabernacle held a carry-in supper for members of the group Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. William Bartelson. 1954 Moberly Monitor–Index & Moberly Eve. Democrat (MO) 11 Aug 12/7, Relatives of Mrs. John R. Jones of Paris spent the weekend here. On Sunday, they held a carry-in dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Sebastian. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. H70, When people bring baked dishes, salads, and so forth to a meeting-place and share them together, that’s a _____ meal) 17 Infs, chiefly Missip-Ohio Valleys, Carry-in; IN1, 60, 65, Carry-in dinner; CT16, IL70, Carry-in meal; WI49, Carry-in dish; (Qu. FF1, Kinds of socials) Inf MO1, Carry-in. 1965 Orlando Sentinel (FL) 28 Mar Marion Sentinel sec 3/1, Tuesday evening . . will be the monthly carry-in dinner. We’ll have ham as the meat and the couples will pay $1 and bring a covered dish. 1967 Roseville Independent (IL) 3 Aug 1/4, A carry-in supper will be served at 6:30 p.m. Each member is to bring a dish of food to pass. 1968 Daily Sentinel–Tribune (Bowling Green OH) 20 May 8/7, Kenny and Johnny, surprised their mother . . with a carry-in dinner. 1968 Budget (Sugarcreek OH) 18 July, The above mentioned . . spent Sun. with relatives and friends where a carry-in dinner was held in a park. 1968DARE Tape IN21, We have a carry-in dinner; we have a committee and kindly get together, so many bring meat, and so many bring this and that. 1972 Ludington Daily News (MI) 25 May 3/5, Tuesday evening members of St. Stanislaus Rosary Society held a carry-in Mother and Daughter banquet. 1980 NYT Article Letters swIL, They also had “carry in” dinners instead of pot luck. 1994 Thomas Co. Hist. Soc. (KS) Prairie Winds Oct 7 nwKS, At Thanksgiving last year, we all gathered at the VFW Club in Colby for a carry-in dinner. 2009 St. Louis Post–Dispatch (MO) 7 Jan sec D 3/2, Though [governor-elect] Nixon promised supporters a carry-in supper, local health officials frowned on soliciting covered dishes from around the state. 2018 Star Press (Muncie IN) 21 Aug sec A 2/3, The Muncie TimeBank’s August carry-in, a Salads, Dips, and Cheese Ball Potluck, will be 5:30-7:30 p.m. Aug. 30.