Quarterly Update 14, Fall 2018

Note: Clickable links have been added to some entries; they will either take you to entries here on our website or to Digital DARE, where subscription-level access may sometimes be necessary to see the full entry.

Headword Part of Speech Update Type
branchhead n New Entry
by prep Revised Sense
carriage n New Entry
carry-in dinner n Revised Entry
carry one on a chip v phr Revised Entry
cat n Revised Senses
cat and clay n Revised Entry
cat and dog n New Entry
cat-ball n New Entry
cat-nipper n New Sense
catstick n Revised Senses, New Sense
catty n1 Revised Sense
dog n New Sense
kispel n Revised Entry
nipsy n Revised Entry
sky-ball n Revised Entry
tipcat n Revised Entry
tippy-cat n New Entry