slide stacker

slide stacker n Also slide, (pole) slide hay stacker chiefly Rocky Mts, Plains States Cf beaverslide n, Mormon stacker (at Mormon derrick n)

A device for stacking hay consisting of a ramp, usu of smooth poles, up which the hay is pushed or pulled.

1902 U.S. Bur. Plant Industry Bulletin 15.36 cnNV, seOR, swID, A “slide” consists essentially of a huge, strongly built inclined plane. The hay is brought up to the base of the plane . . and deposited in a net, to which is fastened a cable stretched over the top of the plane and the entire stack. The other end of the cable is attached to the fore truck of a wagon, to which is hitched a four-hourse team. 1914 NE Farmer 56.703, I would like to know how to make a slide hay stacker. . . We have thirty acres of alfalfa. If we had a slide stacker we could put it up ourselves. . . [Resp.:] One form of home-made hay stacker is shown in the accompanying figures. . . A similar one has been in use about twenty years. This stacker is of the inclined plane type. The hay is dragged up an incline, from the upper end of which it falls to the stack. 1923 CO Ag. College Ag. Exper. Sta. Bulletin 281.27, The slide stacker is practically the only stacker used in North Park and surrounding territory. . . The hay is deposited by sweep rakes at the base of the stacker, then carried over the stacker by the pusher. . . By driving the pusher team fast or slow the hay may be thrown to either side of the stack. To return the pusher, it is carried back part of the way by its own weight, then the team is turned across the pusher pole . . and the pusher pulled back to a starting position. 1927 Wellsboro Gaz. (PA) 16 June 7/5, A crew of eight men in Colorado using a slide stacker and home-made sweep rakes will stack about 65 tons of wild hay per day. 1929 U.S. Dept. Ag. Farmers’ Bulletin 1615.2, A second type [of hay stacker] is represented by the homemade slide stacker and plunger. The entire stacker is constructed of long poles, those forming the slide being placed at a 45° angle. A sweep rake delivers its load at the bottom of the stacker and a plunger with a heavy frame on the front, operated by a team pushes the hay up the slide and onto the stack. 1957 Greeley Daily Tribune & Greeley Republican (CO) 5 July 9/3, [Advt.:] New pole slide hay stacker. 1967 DARE (Qu. L16, Machines used . . in handling hay) Inf WY1, Slide stacker—used to use. [FW illustr] 2009 DARE File—Internet SD, While working on my uncle’s ranch in Todd county, south Dakota, we only used the slide stacker to put up hay.