beaverslide n Also beaverslide (hay-)stacker [Prob from beaverslide a sloping path in a stream bank made by beavers for dragging branches; the often-repeated statement that the device was originally called the “Beaverhead County slide stacker” (after the county in southwestern Montana) does not appear to be supported by early evidence.] chiefly Rocky Mts, esp MT

= slide stacker n.

1935 Daily Inter Lake (Kalispell MT) 2 Oct 2/5, [Advt:] 1 Beaver slide hay stacker. 1937 Helena Independent (MT) 2 Sept 6/7, The newly mown hay is soon piled into large or small stacks, depending on whether beaver slides or bull rakes and stackers are used. 1955 Independent–Rec. (Helena MT) 15 June 11/2, [Advt:] Also wanted to buy beaver slide stacker. 1958 Pinedale Roundup (WY) 31 July 7/2, By this time, the derrick team decided to join in, and took up such a load of hay over the beaver slide as to cause the stackers to leap from the stack, just as the plunger went dashing over the slide. 1975 Independent–Rec. (Helena MT) 5 Oct 15/2, [Caption:] This beaverslide on the Dick Kelly ranch is the only one in the Helena Valley although beaverslides are still used in many areas of the state. . . To stack hay, the tines are allowed to slide down to the ground and flop down flat. When hay is placed on them, they are pulled upright and slide up the ramp to dump the hay on the stack. 1998 Gazette (CO Springs CO) 1 Sept news sec 5/1 WY, A piece of history is back in action. On the Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch . . , they’re making hay the old-fashioned way—with a beaver slide. . . Formerly horse-powered, in more modern days truck-powered, the old slide worked for years before being retired and replaced with new methods. . . But after only a few years’ hiatus, the beaver slide is back. 2000 Launspach ID Dial. Project 7 seID, (A device used as an aid in stacking and storing hay) 1 inf, Beaver slide.