baby wagon

baby wagon n Also wagon somewhat old-fash

= baby carriage n.

1841 NY Mirror 18.63, We will publish Pedestrian as soon as his verses indicate physical strength enough in the writer, and mental manhood enough in his poetry, to stand alone. At present they ought to be drawn in the family baby-wagon. 1853 McConnel Western Characters 282, A steam-engine would have been clogged [even] by the weight of a baby-wagon. 1882 Philadelphia Inquirer (PA) 28 Feb 5/2, [Advt:] Out-door-baby time is baby-wagon time. . . Baby coaches cost from $7 to $50. . . $13 buys an excellent wagon. 1894 Twain Pudd’nhead Wilson 14 MO, In front of Wilson’s porch stood Roxy, with a local hand-made baby-wagon. 1903 (1965) Adams Log Cowboy 354 West, At this church fair there was to be voted a prize of a nice baby wagon . . to the prettiest baby under a year old. 1920 Racine Jrl.–News (WI) 12 Nov 3/4, [Advt:] Bloch’s Baby Wagons. . . Our new 1921 wagons just received and the prices will please you. 1945 Independent–Rec. (Helena MT) 28 Jan 11/2, Little Miss Mary Lex Smith . . presented Mrs. Woods with a baby wagon containing gifts. 1965–68 DARE (Qu. N42, Vehicles for a baby or small child—the kind it can lie down in) Infs MD18, MS63, NJ2, NY70, Baby wagon. [All Infs old] 1973 Allen LAUM 1.341, One instance of baby wagon was written by a North Dakotan. 1984 Valley Independent (Monessen PA) 15 Aug 4/5, Another young mother moved the cover of the baby wagon to keep the sun off the baby.