baby carriage

baby carriage n Also carriage widespread, but least freq West See Map Also called baby buggy n 1, baby cab n, baby cart n, baby coach n, baby wagon n, buggy carriage n, buggy coach n, perambulator n, push buggy n, pushcart n

A vehicle in which an infant or small child can lie down, usu with an elongated basket-like body set high over four wheels and a folding sun screen; in recent quots sometimes a stroller, in which the child sits up.

1825 Dewees Treatise Children 227 sePA, We are of opinion, that much advantage is oftentimes gained by the well regulated use of the “baby carriage.” . . The body should be sufficiently long to permit the child to lie at full length, when necessary. . . The mode of using this carriage, is highly important, since an error in this point may defeat its best uses. 1870 Alcott Old-Fashioned Girl 260 MA, A young girl pushing a baby-carriage looked round. 1882 Howells Modern Instance 277 MA, Bartley pushed Flavia about the sunny pavements in a baby carriage. 1896 DN 1.411 NY, Baby-carriage. 1922 Trenton Eve. Times (NJ) 14 July 28/8, Baby Carriages—And strollers, $10 up . . ; also coaches exchanged for strollers. Baby Carriage Factory. 1949 Kurath Word Geog. 77, Baby carriage is the regular term (1) in the New England settlement area from Maine to Lake Erie and (2) in the Southern states. 1950 WELS 15 Infs, WI, (Baby) carriage. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. N42, Vehicles . . a baby . . can lie down in) 503 Infs, widespread, but least freq West, Baby carriage; 87 Infs, widespread, but least freq West, Carriage; (Qu. N43, Vehicles . . a small child . . has to sit up in) 16 Infs, scattered, Baby carriage; AR47, MO4, 35, NY1, 88, SC9, 63, VA59, Carriage. 1967 DARE FW Addit sLA, Baby carriage—infant vehicle with three wheels, in which the child must sit up. 2013 Post–Std. (Syracuse NY) 8 Aug Neighbors Northwest sec 3/2, [Caption:] Chet Williams . . wheels his dog . . in a baby carriage. 2013 Walla Walla Union–Bulletin (WA) 23 Aug sec C 4/8, [Advt:] Back Yard Sale. . . Antique wicker baby carriage.