baby coach

baby coach n Also coach chiefly ePA, sNJ, DE, MD See Map

= baby carriage n.

1805 VA Gaz. & Genl. Advt. (Richmond) 11 Sept [3]/1, Why, it may as well be asserted . . that if the commander was to make his infant a baby coach, the public ought to receive its value. 1876 Philadelphia Inquirer (PA) 14 Nov 2/4, The difficulty originated in Frank’s ordering out of the way of their carriage four men and three women who were standing in the middle of the street around a baby’s coach. . . Charles Yohn corroborated the first witness as to the trouble between the party with the baby coach and the occupants of the carriage. 1882 Ibid 28 Feb 5/2, [Advt:] Baby coaches cost from $7 to $50. The former price buys a good, easy, S-spring, willow-body, parasol-top coach, gear warranted a year; the latter price buys the finest wagon we have. 1896 DN 1.411 NJ, Baby-coach. 1903 NY Times (NY) 1 Oct 3 NYC, English Baby Coaches. . . The carriages are a distinctly English idea—they dub them “Perambulators.” We’ve just imported a hundred from one of the foremost makers. 1922 Trenton Eve. Times (NJ) 14 July 28/8, Baby Carriages—And strollers, $10 up . . ; also coaches exchanged for strollers. Baby Carriage Factory. 1949 Kurath Word Geog. 77, Within the Philadelphia trade area, that is, in Delaware, in southern New Jersey, and in southeastern Pennsylvania as far west as the Alleghenies, baby coach predominates. 1950 WELS 1 Inf, seWI, Baby coach. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. N42, Vehicles . . a baby . . can lie down in) 20 Infs, chiefly DE, MD, NJ, PA, Baby coach; CA147, Baby coach—heard; PA27, 88, Coach; (Qu. N43, Vehicles . . a small child . . has to sit up in) Inf NC72, Baby coach; PA242, Coach. [Of all Infs responding to these questions, 66% were old; of those giving these responses, 79% were old.] 1977–78 Foster Lexical Variation 32 NJ, Baby coach is used by seven of one hundred informants and recognized by two more; it is more common among older informants. . . four of the baby coach responses users are from Mercer [County], one from Cape May, and two, surprisingly, from Hudson; the two recognition responses are from the Philadelphia Suburbs. 1990 Intelligencer (Doylestown PA) 27 Dec sec D 3/2, [Advt:] Baby Coach (Purego), like new. 2009 DARE File sePA, When I first moved to the Philadelphia area. I learned a new word for the thing that we push babies and Small children in: “baby coach[.]” As as [sic] Detroiter, I would say “buggy” “stroller” or “carriage.”