baby cart

baby cart n Also cart

= baby carriage n.

1845 Semi-Weekly OH Statesman (Columbus) 28 Feb [3]/7, We think both Greiner and his friend Philo should have a goose-yoke around their necks and be hitched to a baby cart, to haul dolls to a whig mass meeting! 1853 Parton Fern Leaves 89, “Baby carts on narrow sidewalks are awful bores, especially to a hurried business man.” Are they? 1857 Emerson’s Mag. & Putnam’s Mth. 5.51 ceMA, Then came a nursery-maid, drawing a baby-cart containing two nurslings of three months old. 1898 Typographical Jrl. 12.482 NY, Earl Smith is jubilant over the arrival of a ten-pound son at his home. We shall expect to see him now pushing a baby cart at the park on pleasant evenings. 1914 Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh WI) 13 Aug 2/1, [Advt:] Reed Baby cart with regular size body; roomy interior; upholstered seat and back; collapsible fabricoid hood; large wheels;—regular $18.00 cart for 10.00. 1924 New Castle News (PA) 30 June 18/3, [Advt:] Brown wicker, two wheeled baby cart, folding handle. 1940–41 Cassidy WI Atlas, 3 Infs, Baby cart. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. N43, Vehicles for a small child—the kind it has to sit up in) 15 Infs, scattered, Baby cart; 10 Infs, scattered, Cart; (Qu. N42, Vehicles for a baby or small child—the kind it can lie down in) Infs GA74, IN22, MD25, TX35, WI18, Baby cart; AR52, Cart. [Of all Infs responding to these questions, 66% were old; of those giving these responses, 93% were old.] 1973 Allen LAUM 1.341, Baby cart . . exists in the U[pper] M[idwest] with three scattered instances. 1984 Valley Independent (Monessen PA) 15 Aug 4/5, We stopped to admire baby twins being pushed in their carts by the young mother. 1993 Gazette (Cedar Rapids IA) 15 Aug sec D 9/7, [Advt:] Antique Auction. . . Wicker (pull type) baby cart. 2000 Orange Leader (TX) 27 Feb sec A 1/6, Danyell Allen pushed her 2-year-old daughter Ymanie in a baby cart along the parade route.