baby cab n

baby cab n Also cab chiefly N Cent old-fash

= baby carriage n.

1858 Cleveland Daily Plain Dealer (OH) 4 Oct 1/7, List of Premiums, Awarded by the Bedford Union Agricultural, Mechanical and Industrial Society. . . 1st M Shephard, baby cab. 1873 Elyria Independent Democrat (OH) 9 July [3]/1 (, Our young friend, E. H. Fisher, is doing a brisk business, in the baby cab line. His cabs are sold as fast as he can order them. 1901 DN 2.137 MI, Cab. . . Baby carriage. 1949 Kurath Word Geog. 77, In the southeastern counties of Ohio baby cab stands by the side of baby buggy and baby carriage. 1950 WELS 1 Inf, seWI, Baby cab; 3 Infs, Cab. 1962 PADS 38.59, Words receding in the Midland dialect area of northern Illinois. . . baby cab. 1962 Salisbury Quoth the Raven 113 AK, The long plank walk makes use of the baby cabs possible. 1967 Daily Plainsman (Huron SD) 19 July 13/7, “What’s a baby cab?” asked a young friend the other day, and I laughed all over the place. . . But come to think of it, what’s so odd about not knowing what a baby cab is? After all, it is a relic of another generation, and it’s been a long time since I have seen one. 1967–69 DARE (Qu. N42, Vehicles . . a baby . . can lie down in) Infs IL32, IA11, IN69, 73, 83, MI81, 106, OH56, Baby cab; (Qu. N43, Vehicles . . a small child . . has to sit up in) Inf IL32, Baby cab. [7 of 8 Infs old] 1973 Allen LAUM 1.341, Baby cab . . survived the Midland migration westward, but its low vitality outside Iowa hints at a current decline.