B3 If a day is very hot, you say it’s (really) ________.

B5 When the weather looks as if it will become bad, you say it’s ________.

B7 When clouds begin to decrease, you say it’s ________.

B8 When clouds come and go all day, you say it’s ________.

B9 What do you call the big clouds that roll up high before a rainstorm?

B10 What do you call the long, trailing clouds high in the sky?

B11 Are there any other kinds of clouds that come often around here?

B12 When the wind begins to increase, you say it’s ________.

B13 When the wind begins to decrease, you say it’s ________.

B14 When the wind is blowing unevenly, sometimes strong and sometimes weak, you say it’s ________.

B16 A destructive wind that comes with a funnel-shaped cloud:

B17 A destructive wind that blows straight:

B18 Are there any special kinds of wind that you get around here?

B19 When fog begins to go up into the air, you say it’s ________.

B21 When fine drops of moisture are falling, you say it’s doing what?

B22 Rain accompanied by thunder and lightning—you call that a(n) ________.

B23 Speaking of a light rain that doesn’t last, you would say it’s just a(n) ________.

B24 What do you call a sudden, very heavy rain?

B25 Any joking names around here for a very heavy rain? You might say, “It’s a regular ________.”

B26 When it’s raining very heavily, you say, “It’s raining ________.”

B27 A sudden rush of water coming from heavy rain:

B28 When there is no rain for a long time, that’s a(n) ________.

B29 A frost that does not kill plants is a(n) ________.

B30 A frost that kills plants is a(n) ________.

B32 A period of warm weather late in the fall:

B33a The first thin ice that forms over the surface of a pond or pool: “There’s just a(n) ________ of ice.”

B33b Talking about the first thin ice that forms over the surface of a pond or pool: “The pond is just ________ over.”

B35 Ice that will bend when you step on it, but not break:

B36 Patterns formed by ice inside a window glass in winter:

B39 A very light fall of snow:

B40 If a radio or television program is interrupted by an announcement of impending severe weather, the interruption is called a(n) _________.

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