Survey Results

From 1965–70, DARE conducted an extensive amount of fieldwork, including a questionnaire consisting of more than 1,800 questions. You may now view all the questions and responses from the 1965–70 DARE Survey by clicking on the link below.

From 2013–14, DARE conducted a new survey online. For now, it has only been administered as a pilot study in Wisconsin. The results for “official” respondents are available below. Due to shifting funding priorities, a new, online nationwide survey is currently not planned.

Before you begin, here are a few things you may wish to know.

  • The survey results follow this format: we give the question number and the full text of the question (which may include instructions to the Fieldworkers not immediately relevant to the responses as presented here), followed by a list of the responses and the number of times each was given, in descending order of frequency.
  • When there are multiple responses with the same number of instances, they are entered alphabetically. The answer “NR” means that the Informant offered “no response.” Similarly, “NH” indicates that the Informant said the item in question was “not here.” In interpreting these responses, it is important to note that sometimes Informants were not familiar with the items being described by the Fieldworkers, and occasionally they misunderstood the question. Some answers are therefore partial, approximate, or even confused. Such responses were often clarified by additional Fieldworker comments in the Questionnaires, which are not included in the raw data. Discrepancies between the numbers shown here and those appearing in the citations of this material in DARE entries are sometimes the result of simple errors in the database that have now been corrected, but usually reflect editorial decisions based on the additional material in the Questionnaires.
  • Because the data are presented in raw form, readers should peruse the full set of responses to each question to find all related forms. At Question Y41a, for instance, which asks for words used to tell someone to light a lamp or lantern, the responses make, make a, make on, and make the (lamp) are all included, but they are arranged by frequency and are therefore not contiguous.

View Survey Results, 1965-70

View Survey Results, 2013-14 (Wisconsin)

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