Verb Forms (Within Text)

Verb Forms (Within Text)

OO7a Talking about giving presents: “Yesterday was John’s birthday so, everybody ________ (him presents).”

OO7b Talking about giving presents: “I didn’t know about it in time or I would’ve ________ (one too).”

OO22a About knowing people: “She used to live next door. At that time I ________ (her well).”

OO42a About stealing money: “She admitted that she ________ (the money).”

OO12a Talking about dogs biting: “Some dogs will bite—last week the mail carrier was ________.”

OO22b About knowing people: “For the past twenty years I’ve ________ (him well).”

OO33a Talking about doing chores: “Seven days a week, chores have to be ________.”

OO12b Talking about dogs biting: “It was a big black dog that ________ him.”

OO42b About stealing money: “He says it’s the first time he has ever ________ (money).”

OO33b Talking about doing chores: “This morning as usual we ________ (the chores)

OO19a Talking about taking a rest: “He felt tired, so he went to the couch (or other word) and ________ (down for a while).”

OO20a About the school bell ringing: “When it was time for school, the bell ________.”

OO11a Talking about catching mice: “Some mice got into the cellar but our cat ________ (them).”

OO35a Talking about vegetables thriving: “Last year we fertilized the garden, and the plants really ________.”

OO2a Talking about eating: “She feels sick—she must have ________ something (that disagreed with her).”

OO11b Talking about catching mice: “That makes five she’s ________ (this week).”

OO19b Talking about stretching out to rest: “She’ll feel better after she has ________ (down a while).”

OO2b Talking about eating: “I don’t feel right—I think I ________ (too much).”

OO20b About the school bell ringing: “It’s eight o’clock. Has the bell ________ (yet)?”

OO35b Talking about vegetables thriving: “That land is poor—nothing has ever ________ there.”

OO38a About shoes fitting just right: “When I tried these shoes on, they ________ (just right).”

OO14a About the wind blowing hard: “Last night the wind ________ (very hard).”

OO43a About pleading with somebody: “She said she was afraid to be alone and ________ (with me to stay).”

OO14b About the wind blowing hard: “One of my apple trees was ________ (down).”

OO38b About shoes fitting just right: “I wouldn’t have bought them if they hadn’t ________ (just right).”

OO43b About pleading: “I wouldn’t have stayed if she hadn’t ________ (so hard).”

OO18a Talking about drawing a plan: “Last year the plan for the new school was ________ (up).”

OO18b Talking about drawing a plan: “I know the person who ________ (it).”

OO6a Talking about dough with yeast in it: “The room was warm, so the dough ________ (quickly).”

OO28a Talking about running: “Jenny was so scared she ________ (all the way home).”

OO28b Talking about running: “He was out of breath because he had ________ (so fast).”

OO6b Talking about dough with yeast in it: “She put the dough in the oven too soon—before it had ________ enough.”

OO8a Talking about hanging a criminal: “Before the electric chair came in, a murderer would be ________.”

OO40a About driving a car: “They borrowed our car last night and John ________.”

OO8b If a man committed suicide by hanging, you’d say he ________ (himself).

OO8c Hang: “She ________ her coat on my hook.”

OO40b About driving a car: “That was the first time John had ever ________ (our car).”

OO17a Talking about someone coming home: “Yesterday her son ________ home.”

OO34a Talking about writing a letter home: “It’s weeks since she last ________ (us a letter).”

OO8d Hang: “It has ________ for two days.”

OO17b Talking about someone coming home: “He was late; he should have ________ (days ago).”

OO34b Talking about writing a letter home: “She should have ________ (long ago).”

OO39a Talking about a meeting beginning: “Has the meeting ________ (yet)?”

OO39b Talking about a meeting beginning: “Yes, it ________ (an hour ago).”

OO27a Talking about riding horses: “When she was a girl, she ________ (horseback).”

OO27b Talking about riding horses: “All my life I’ve ________ (horses).”

OO16a Talking about bringing tools: “I was supposed to bring the nails—you should have ________ (the hammer).”

OO16b Talking about bringing tools: “I did bring the hammer, and I also ________ (a saw).”

OO15a About freezing your ears: “I was so cold my ears nearly ________.”

OO44a About somebody in a chair: “She did nothing at all—she just ________ (there).”

OO15b About freezing your ears: “If she had been out last night she would have ________ (her ears).”

OO41a About taking too many chances: “She got hurt because he ________ (too many chances).”

OO44b About somebody in a chair: “All day long he has just ________ (in that chair).”

OO41b About taking too many chances: “He would be alive today if he hadn’t ________ (so many chances).”

OO37a Talking about clothes shrinking: “The first time my wool socks were washed, they ________.”

OO25a Talking about diving: “The water is deep enough—the children have often ________ (there).”

OO37b Talking about clothes shrinking: “I can’t get them on because they’ve ________ (too much).”

OO30a Talking about a horse throwing the rider: “John got a bad horse and was ________ (off).”

OO25b Talking about diving: “Only yesterday the children ________ (there).”

OO30b Talking about a horse throwing the rider: “Last week the same horse ________ (his sister).”

OO29a Talking about swimming: “The water is clean—we have always ________ (there).”

OO29b Talking about swimming: “When we were children we ________ (there too).”

OO26a Talking about drowning: “The current is very strong. Several people have ________ (there).”

OO26b Talking about drowning: “Only last week a child was ________ (there).”

OO26c Drown: “The water is quite deep. Lots of people have been ________ there.”

OO23a About a child growing: “Billy has to have new clothes—during the summer he ________ (two inches).”

OO47a Talking about horses sweating: “It was a warm day, and the horses ________ (a lot).”

OO26d “Only last week a child ________ there.”

OO47b Talking about horses sweating: “They wouldn’t have caught cold if they hadn’t ________ (so much).”

OO23b About a child growing: “You wouldn’t think a child could have ________ (so fast).”

OO5a Talking about heating houses: “Before furnaces came in, our house was ________ (with a stove).”

OO5b Talking about heating houses: “Years ago they ________ (the house with a stove).”

OO13a About breaking a leg: “She limps ever since she ________ her leg.”

OO13b About breaking a leg: “That’s the second time he has ________ (that leg).”

OO32 If a person can’t sleep steadily but keeps on waking, she might say, “Every night this week I’ve ________ (several times).”

OO10b Talking about climbing trees: “Some trees were dangerous—we shouldn’t have ________ (those).”

OO46a Talking about dragging something heavy: “We hitched the log on and ________ it out (of the woods).”

OO46b Talking about dragging something heavy: “Half a mile or so we must have ________ (it)!”

OO45a About seeing somebody: “She thought nobody was looking but I ________ (her hide it).”

OO45b About seeing somebody: “Many’s the time I’ve ________ him hide things.”

OO3a Speaking about drinking coffee: “The coffee’s all gone—we must have ________ (a lot).”

OO3b Speaking about drinking coffee: “There’s not a drop left—we ________ (it all).”

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